After 20+ years of building, renovating, and maintaining homes, homesteads, land and legacies I believe the Home is a family’s Sacred Space and carry this belief close to my heart. I draw inspiration from the creation of my first Labyrinth, the making of Sacred Spaces and the connection of Man to Spirit, Nature, and Himself.

I create my artifacts of tomorrow in a studio located off Old Highway 9  in the Broad River community of Black Mountain, North Carolina. I work with a vast array of natural and industrial materials and processes.

My work that has emerged so far strives to bring this this connection to your Sacred Spaces with an unwavering eye for detail.

I credit the Old Guard for my traditional work ethic and the Labyrinth for allowing me to understand that perfect is a practice.

I continue to be amazed by the growth in his fine & functional works of art.


The way he uses natural elements, allows them to speak in the work, and brings the magic of them into my home enriches my life and living space.